It’s just me

I said to myself once before

"I’ve had enough"

I travel south, I build walls and dig rivers

So that I’m cold and untouchable

So that I am isolated

Love is a scary ride

And i’ve been sick for countless time

I swear I said I want it no more

And then here you are

knock softly to my fragile heart

It is a similar feeling, I swear

To those I had in the past, the root of my tears

and the reason for my broken heart

It’s just me, right?

Please say that it’s just me

Don’t you ever take me for summer

then leave me alone in winter

people who liked me usually never stay

or i usually find a way to push them away

for the sake of insecurity

Please say that you’ll true to me

Or say that it’s just me


I had to make this


I had to make this

unmask the anonymous

unmask the anonymous

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LOL I just know tumblr will have the gif version of this. Zach’s face is priceless! =))

LOL I just know tumblr will have the gif version of this. Zach’s face is priceless! =))

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"Well I will always remember you, because someday I’ll be a mother of some kids and I really should warn them about a huge mistake like YOU."
from a movie “Hideaways”

from a movie “Hideaways”


I am a dying lion

used to own everything, but now lying there in the greatest pain

I am an old empty town

used to own all the merry, but now left alone

everything was burnt into the ground

you made me feel like I was the queen

made me think I own everything

You brought me show with me in the main screen

but you’re leaving

days and days had gone

and each sunset tells me I should start moving on

trying to leave our shadowland,

and living under the sun

Just like everyone

I should start telling myself that everything will be just fine

I gotta stop my self-destruction

cause even the darkest night will turn to dawn

and I’ll sing so loud to vanish all your remaining sound

I’ll miss your pretty face and beautiful line

but it’s time to put it to the end



Can’t you?

Can’t you?